STTA 80th Closed Tournament Results


This year there were 42 senior and 15 junior entries to the STTA Closed tournament although 2 entries had to be excluded due to insufficient league matches and 2 failed to attend the day.

The following shows the results of the tournament and some amazing photos by Mike Rhodes, who we wish to thank.




Under 12 Girls

Winner: Charlotte Fee

Runner-up: Eve O’Neill

Under 12 Boys

Winner: Thomas Agombar

Runner-up: Ken Ha


Under 15 Girls

Winner: Eve O’Neill

Runner-up: Charlotte Fee


Under 15 Boys (Cadet)

Winner: Danny Klinger

Runner-up: Jared Hon

Under 18 Boys (Junior)

Winner: William Agombar

Runner-up: Danny Klinger

Veterans: (>40)

Winner: Dave Randall

Runner-up: Cameron Brealey



Over 55

Winner: Dave Randall

Runner-up: Mike Rhodes


Division 4

Winner: Jared Hon

Runner-up: Tony Gregan

Division 3

Winner: Sepi Shahla

Runner-up: Barry Dobson


Division 2

Winner: Andy Prince

Runner-up: Anne Longland

A rare example of an expedite match was the Division 1 final.


Division 1

Winner: Gary Longland

Runner-up: Dave Randall


Winner: Eric Cheng

Runner-up: Mike Rhodes

Mixed Doubles

Winners: Anne Longland & Paul May

Runners-up: Sepi Shahla & Ian Shapey

Ladies Doubles

Winners: Anne Longland & Kate Zhao Fengjie

Runners-up: Sepi Shahla & Trudy Martin

Mens Doubles

Winners: John McBeath & Brian Hayes

Runners-up: Paul May & Cameron Brealey

Ladies Singles

Winner: Anne Longland

Runner-up: Sepi Shahla

Mens Singles

Winner: John McBeath

Runner-up: Brian Hayes